Terms & Conditions



Impress Ink is not responsible for proof-reading! The e-proof you approve for printing is exactly what will be printed. Please proof-read carefully and have a second pair of eyes check for accuracy as well. We strongly discourage you from reviewing your e-proof on a mobile device like a small tablet or smart phone. Once your proof is approved, it will be sent directly to print and no further changes can be made.


All monitors are calibrated to show colors differently. Depending on differences between your monitor and our printers, as well as lighting conditions, you may see some variations in color. We try to match colors as closely as possible. To increase accuracy, printed ink color charts and paper swatches are included in all sample packs and can be requested at any time during your order.


Unlike most big-box stationery companies, we do not have a set limit on the number of revisions that you can make to your e-proof. We want you to approve your order for print when you feel it’s ready and not simply because you ran out of free proof revisions. This is our courtesy to you and in return we ask that you submit your revisions in a consolidated manner. Please be decisive and send all of your revisions for your e-proof at the same time so we can make ALL changes at once. The average invitation order goes through about 2-5 rounds of revisions. If we feel that the amount of revisions for your order is becoming excessive, or that a design has lost it’s direction, we reserve the right to add proofing charges to your order (with ample warning) in an effort to move the process forward.


Our process is based on a minimum 4-week order timeline with your print approval required at least 2 weeks prior to shipping. Some orders may take longer. If you need your order to ship in less than 4 weeks, a rush fee will apply and is determined on a per-order basis. Please contact us prior to completing your order if you have a rush order to ensure we can accommodate your request.


Due to inconsistencies in post office regulations, any postage quotes we give are estimates only and should be confirmed with your local post office before mailing your invitations. We are not responsible for postage fees or undelivered mail due to incorrect postage.


Customized stationery is a big purchase, usually for a very special event. We want you to feel confident in your purchase and we’ll allow you to make as many changes to your order as you’d like prior to printing, so you’re happy with the final product. However, since we begin work on your e-proof as soon as your order is placed, cancelled orders will be refunded according to the policies below:

  • Orders that are cancelled in the proofing phase prior to print approval (even if you have not received your e-proof yet) will be refunded at 50% of the order total (not including shipping).

  • Orders that have completed the proofing phase and have been approved for print are not eligible for cancellation. Your order goes into production immediately, all materials have been ordered at this point and we cannot offer a refund in any amount.

Impress Ink does not accept returns or issue refunds for customized items that have been approved for printing. Sample packs are non-refundable and cannot be returned for a refund. However, each of our sample packs includes a coupon code which will deduct the cost of your sample pack from your order if you choose to complete your stationery order with Impress Ink.


If an error is found on printed items that is also shown on the approved e-proof, the customer is responsible for any charges incurred for reprints. This is why it is vital that you proof-read carefully. If an error is found that is the fault of Impress Ink and is not shown on the approved e-proof, please notify us within 48 hours of when the package has been delivered. Please inspect your stationery immediately upon delivery. If an error is not reported within 48 hours, Impress Ink reserves the right to charge accordingly for reprints regardless of which party is at fault. 


We are required to collect sales tax on all orders shipped within the state of Washington.


All concepts, ideas or designs created throughout the customization process, whether they are used in the final product or not, remain the intellectual property of Impress Ink and the designer reserves the right to use such concepts, ideas or designs for future work including but not limited to digital or physical portfolios, displays, samples, stationery for sale to the public, etc. Impress Ink reserves the right to add custom designs to our standard design gallery at any time. Additionally, these concepts, ideas and designs cannot be reproduced for any reason without written permission from Impress Ink.


We do our best to keep confidential any personal information you provide. Your contact information is used only to communicate with you, to fulfill your order and to support your experience with Impress Ink. This information is not shared with or sold to any other outside party that is not involved in providing Impress Ink products and services. However, we do use templates from our archived customer design files for producing samples and trade-show displays. Photos of your invitation set may appear in our social media galleries unless you request otherwise. All guest address lists are kept confidential. We will not ever contact your guests!