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• Welcome to the PRINT SHOP •

When creating a layered invite, or a card that will fit in a pocket fold or envelope, please contact us and we can help you determine the correct size for each piece/layer. We suggest a minimum size difference of ¼” between each layer. Sizes with corresponding envelopes are indicated on the order forms. Click here to view print file requirements→


→ Flatten all layers and embed/outline all fonts
→ Send as a PDF or JPEG file
→ Color mode: CMYK, not RGB
→ Resolution should be a minimum of 300 pixels or dots per inch
→ Add 0.125 inch bleed to accommodate trimming on borderless designs. For example, a 5×7″ card with a borderless design should have a total file size of 5.125 x 7.125″ with the outer 0.0625″ on each edge being trimmed off. Keep all important text or info at least 1/8″ to 1/4″ away from the edge of the card to allow for trim tolerances. Files with incorrect bleeds may result in having a white border around the edge.
→ For folded cards, submit a single file for each side of the card as though it were flat. Do not submit separate files for each side of the fold. For example, a tri-fold brochure will only have 2 files: one for the entire outside/front, and one for the entire inside/back.


We CAN review your files to see if they meet the above requirements but we DO NOT edit them for you.
We CAN tell you which of the above requirements are not met, or if there is something that will prevent your file from printing well.
We DO NOT give graphic design lessons or instructions on how to use design software to set up your file.

If you are using a template that you have purchased on Etsy, please give your designer these file requirements first!

If you have a design in mind but struggle with setting up print-ready files, please contact us for a price quote for setting up print-ready files with your design.

To send files for review, please email them directly to with the subject line “Print File Review“.
We do not charge a fee to review files. If we feel like you would benefit from having us adjust or set-up your files for print, we will provide a price quote after reviewing your files.

If you have any questions about these file requirements, or would like a template, please contact us!